• Pink Eye and Hepatitis Vaccinations


    Is it safe to get hepatitis A and B vaccination when you have viral pink eye? Isn't that a sign of a compromised immune system? If viral pink eye has lasted almost twenty days, but is getting a bit better, should I return to the eye doctor?


    It seems that you have gone to an eye doctor for the initial diagnosis of viral pink eye (which we call conjunctivitis). Yours seems to be a rather lengthy case lasting 20 days or so. While the virus did invade your eye which indicates a locally compromised immune system, this is in the eye only. There is no interaction with this and your general immune system, so taking hep A and B immunization should not be a problem and your immunity levels for the hepatitis virus should develop in the normal way. If the symptoms you are experiencing in your eye are lasting longer than twenty days, a revisit with your ophthalmologist would be recommended as this is in excess of the usual length of time for this condition.

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