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  • Can an intraocular lens become damaged once inside the eye?


    I had cataract surgery about a year and a half ago. Can you tell me if it’s possible for the IOL get damaged or scratched once it’s inside the eye?


    Once your IOL (or artificial intraocular lens) has been placed inside of your eye there is very little chance that any damage can occur to it, especially a year and a half after surgery. There are a few very uncommon conditions that can harm your implant, but they are very unlikely. First, the treatment of a cloudy membrane (secondary cataract) with a YAG laser rarely produces slight imperfections in the lens, most of which do not affect the quality of your vision. Still more uncommon, the soft lens can be squeezed from its normal shape and position by abnormal contraction of the bag or sac into which the lens has been implanted. Even more uncommon is severe trauma to the implanted eye as in an auto accident. If you have any specific concerns I would see your ophthalmologist for a consultation, but I think you will continue to do fine.

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