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  • Is it normal to feel discomfort in my eye after cataract surgery?


    I had cataract surgery three weeks ago. My vision is great, however, I continue to have discomfort in this eye. It feels like I have a contact lens in that eye. I feel and see the edges of my lens. It also feels like the lens is floating on a liquid substance. Can you tell me if this is a normal part of the cataract surgery three weeks out?


    It does take some time to heal after cataract surgery, and people heal differently. However, I would say it is not typical to have a sensation of a contact lens on the eye this long after surgery. You should talk to your surgeon or ophthalmologist about your symptoms. As far as the feeling that you can see the edge of the lens, that can happen after surgery. That sounds like a condition called "negative dysphotopsia." In that case, we think patients are perceiving some glare off the edge of the lens implant. As the eye heals and the capsule holds the lens implant tighter, those symptoms usually resolve.

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