• My vision with my new bifocals is too good, things look too sharp. What is happening?


    I've recently started wearing bifocal lenses (glasses that correct vision for two distances). They're very comfortable but my problem is my vision is too sharp. I can see every little hair, almost 3D, when I look in the mirror. What is happening?


    I must say that it is a rare day when a patient complains that his/her vision is too sharp. It is possible that the reading component, or the correction for near vision in your glasses, is too strong for your needs. My first thought is to have you return to your ophthalmologist and ask for the measurements to be rechecked. If this does not help, I suggest living with this problem for a few months. It is possible that your near vision has been so blurred for so long that you have learned to live in a blurred world and that this introduction into a clearer world is too shocking to you. If this is true, it seems logical that your eyes will adjust to the new clearer world in a relatively short period of time. Should your eyes be unable to adjust in three months, then the only option is to make your glasses such that they are no longer made correctly. Your new glasses would have to be deliberately less powerful. I would hate to see you have to take this course of action because it would obviously diminish your near vision. I suggest you discuss this problem with your ophthalmologist.

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