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  • Why are my eyes very sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light?


    My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light. I've seen doctors but haven't found a solution. I always wear sunglasses when I go out and can't even look through the window if there is sunlight. What might this be and how can it be treated?


    There are medical eye conditions that can cause light sensitivity. You mentioned that you have seen more than one ophthalmologist and none of these conditions have been found. Other causes of light sensitivity can be a light colored iris (blue), reduced pigmentation in your body, ocular albinism, and poor pupil contraction in bright light. Patients with these symptoms can often be helped with tinted lenses in their eyeglasses or gradient tints in which the upper portion of the lens is considerably darker than the lower portion of the lens. I am sure that your ophthalmologist can help you with this condition.

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