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  • Host a Political Fundraiser

    Description: It is important to get to know your elected representatives before an important issue comes up and you need their support. One of the best ways to build a relationship with congressional lawmakers is to host an in-state political fundraiser during an election. Read two different perspectives about hosting a fundraiser from Academy members Woodford Van Meter, MD, and Lee A. Snyder, MD.

    Instructions:  Academy staff can provide guidance on which elected U.S. congressional officials and candidates are supported by the Academy’s political action committee, OPHTHPAC®. For Academy members interested in hosting a fundraiser, our staff also can assist with getting an event scheduled, creating the invitation and providing tips on how to host a successful event. OPHTHPAC can also help leverage your personal contributions by promoting your event to other physician PACs that share similar legislative concerns with the Academy. 

    Deadlines: There are no deadlines to hosting a congressional fundraiser.  Members can contact the Academy’s Washington, D.C., office at or 202.737.6662 for more information and assistance.