By Victor Cvintal, MD; Edmundo J. Velasco Martinelli; Jose Ricardo Carvalho Lima Rehder, MD
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    Purpose To study patterns of eye blinking in normal subjects and LASIK-operated patients. Methods Using a high-speed video camera, 5 healthy volunteers(CG) and 5 post-LASIK(PL) operated subjects had their superior (SE) and inferior (IE) eyelid videographic analyzed for: vertical and horizontal eyelid movement(vM/hM); total, closing and opening blink times(tT/cT/oT); and total, closing and opening blink speed (tS/cS/oS). Results 3575 analized pictures.CG Group: SE-vM 8,00mm, SE-hM 3,27mm, IE-vM 2,75mm, IE-hM 2,47 mm; tT 0,30s, cT 0,09s, oT 0,18s; tS 73,60mm/s, cS 121,60mm/s, oS 60 mm/s. PL Group: SE-vM 5,56mm, SE-hM 2,99mm, IE-vM 0,41mm, IE-hM 1,79 mm; tT 0,41s, cT 0,10s, oT 0,18s; tS 36,99mm/s, cS 71,96mm/s, oS 40,14 mm/s. Mann-Whitney test: IE-vM, sig. p=0,008; tS, sig. p=0,009; and cS sig. p=0,036. Conclusion LASIK promotes a change of the blink pattern.