AAO 2020 Video Program
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Femtosecond Laser Surgery, New Technology & Instruments

    The world’s highest-speed video camera recording was used to capture detailed movements of semicircular and bent tips to visualize previously unknown properties. The semicircular tip was expected to move with less pendulum momentum than the bent type tip in theory because the bent tip is located more distally, and the pendulum movement is made longer by the shaft rotating. In actual clinical operation, the semicircular tip exhibits a crushing effect that surpasses the bent type. The analysis based on this analysis revealed the reason: semicircular tips have higher nucleus fragmentation capacities than bent tips, as well as their properties and why does iris pigment dispersion occur when using torsional phaco, and the heat radiation differs according to the shape of a tip. We also studied the physical mechanics of torsional oscillation and the most effective clinical uses of these tips based on these findings.