By Manju Meena, MBBS; Mohammad Ali; Kaliki Swathi; Surbhi Joshi, MD; Santosh G. Honavar, MD; Milind N. Naik, MBBS

    Congenital eyelid malpositions like epiblepharon, ectropion and microblepharon can lead to functional problems like corneal erosions and exposure keratopathy with resultant corneal blindness. Symptomatic cases have been traditionally managed with surgical interventions with the attendant perioperative risks and complications. Hyaluronic acid gel filler, more popular for its cosmetic applications, is increasingly gaining popularity as a minimally invasive non-surgical alternative in functional eyelid disorders. Filler injection offers rapid correction of eyelids position, faster recovery, maximizes the function, and avoids surgical risks.This video demonstrates the use of Hyaluronic acid gel filler as a non-surgical approach to congenital eyelid malpositions.