By Linden Reed Doss, MS; R. Philip Doss, MD; E. Lauren Doss, MS
    Cornea/External Disease

    Purpose Describes a new surgical technique for the treatment of conjunctivochalasis (CCH) in which the redundant conjunctiva is precisely resected. Methods An arc-like guideline is demarcated inferior to the limbus. A small buttonhole is made in the temporal bulbar conjunctiva at the edge of the marking line . Fibrin glue is injected through the buttonhole along the line. The conjunctiva is pinched with modified (curved) ptosis foreceps gathering the excess conjunctiva into a ridge at the top of which lies the marking line. This ridge is excised, leaving a sealed wound. Results In a case series of 139 eyes of 70 patients, CCH was resolved in all patients and 64 (91.5%) patients reported significant improvement in symptoms. Conclusion The paste, pinch, cut method is a simple and effective surgical technique for treating CCH