By Antonio Arias-Palomero, PhD; Javier Galvez Martinez; Laura Riveira-Villalobos, PhD; Eva Avendano-Cantos, PhD; Maria Jose Dominguez-Fernandez, PhD; Fernando Gonzalez Del Valle, MD

    In our standard procedure for the surgical resection of choroidal melanomas we combine scleral buckle, transscleral resection, facoemulsification, posterior vitrectomy, cryotherapy and silicon oil in order to tamponade the retina. Firstly, we delimit the tumor margins using an intraocular light. Scleral buckling is always made prior to create a large lamellar scleral flap which clears tumor margins. Then we practice sclerouveoretinectomy as follows: we increase the IOP trough the infusion and excise the deep sclera, choroid and retina using a corneoscleral scissors or the vitrectomy probe. The next step is facoemulsification and vitrectomy using laser photocoagulation to treat the margins. Finally, we use silicon oil to fill the vitreous space and tamponade the retina and also we make cryotherapy in the margins of the scleral flap.