By Liliana Werner, MD, PhD; Alan S. Crandall, MD; Nick Mamalis, MD
    AAO 2014
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Late spontaneous in-the-bag dislocation of IOLs and capsular tension rings (CTRs) generally occurs approximately 5 to 8 years after implantation and involves different types of lenses. The presence of a CTR does not prevent dislocation, capsular contraction or capsulorhexis phimosis. Methods to recognize zonular weakness, prevent stress to the zonules, and provide additional capsular support as shown in this video may help in the prevention of this complication. If dislocation still occurs, management depends on surgeon preference, the type of IOL, the presence or absence of a CTR, the stage and site of dislocation, and coexisting ocular pathology.