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    In this surgical video, Dr. Gennady Landa clears the vitreous material clogging a glaucoma tube. A patient with Axenfeld Rieger Syndrome was followed after uneventful surgery that included cataract extraction, pars plana vitrectomy and placement of Barveldt implant to the pars plana. At 3 weeks postoperatively, the patient presented with blurry vision and elevated IOP of 60 mm Hg. The tube was completely clogged with thick vitreous stands, resulting in blockage of the flow. Multiple attempts to pull the vitreous stands out from the tube using a vitreous cutter and forceps were unsuccessful. After meticulous bimanual extraction of vitreous stands from the tube, the patency of the tube was successfully restored. In these cases, care should be taken to avoid tearing or truncating the vitreous strands.

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