• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Reduction in astigmatic correction caused by toric IOL misalignment has been theoretically documented and confirmed in clinical research. Several studies report that excessive misalignment is a major complication that requires repositioning of the IOL; however, the subsequent impact of toric IOL misalignment on refractive outcomes has not been clinically studied.

    In this study, investigators devised a mathematical equation to analyze the impact of toric IOL misalignment on postoperative refraction and compared the theoretical outcomes with the actual outcomes in 12 patients (19 eyes) implanted with a toric IOL. The clinical outcomes confirmed the theoretical analysis, which identified three factors that have an impact on refractive outcomes after toric IOL misalignment: hyperopic change in refractive sphere, reduction in astigmatic correction, and rotation of the astigmatic axis.

    The authors conclude that the mathematical method used in this study is a reliable tool for analyzing the postoperative refractive outcomes and the impact of toric IOL misalignment. However, further study is needed to assess the relationship between the impact and the objective visual complications of misalignment.