• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Capsular tension ring implantation can have several advantages in myopic eyes, including reduction of secondary fibrosis, lens capsule diaphragm stabilization, and maintenance of the IOL position. However, zonular dehiscence is common in eyes with high myopia. That's why investigators prospectively evaluated the effect of a CTR on refractive outcomes in highly myopic eyes.

    They performed phacoemulsification and IOL implantation with or without a capsular tension ring (CTR) on 31 patients with high myopia. IOL power was used to calculate the predicted postoperative spherical equivalent using the Haigis and SRK/T formulas. Although the refractive outcomes tended to be more accurate when a CTR was implanted, CTR implantation did not induce a significantly higher myopic or hyperopic shift.  There was no significant difference between the two formulas in the CTR group or in the control group. Both formulas tended to produce a hyperopic shift, which is consistent with results in other studies of highly myopic eyes.

    The authors conclude that there seems to be no need to modify IOL calculations when CTR implantation is planned.