• Glaucoma

    This randomized, double-masked study included 338 patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension, and high IOP (26- 36 mm Hg) despite β-blocker treatment. Following washout, subjects were randomized to either fixed combination latanoprost-timolol in the evening, latanoprost monotherapy in the evening or timolol monotherapy in the morning. While all therapies showed significant IOP reductions after 12 weeks, the combination group showed lower mean IOPs (-1.34 compared to latanoprost monotherapy, P=0.005; and -2.82 compared to timolol, P<0.001), and lower mean diurnal IOPs (17.8  versus 19.3 for latanoprost, P=0.001; and 20.9 for timolol, P<0.001).