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    Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus

    The current study investigates the effect of oral statin therapy on strabismus related to thyroid eye disease (TED).

    Study design

    The authors retrospective reviewed records from patients diagnosed with TED and restrictive strabismus. Comparisons were made between oral statin users (n=12) and nonusers (n=18).


    Statin users experienced fewer cases of orbital decompression than nonusers (mean 1.33 vs. 2.39, P=0.05). Other comparisons were not significant; however, statin users tended toward less restriction, fewer strabismus surgeries and fewer radiographically involved muscles , even though that group contained more current smokers and more males (characteristics associated with worse TED) than the nonuser group.


    This is a small retrospective review of patients who developed severe orbitopathy related to TED; therefore, larger studies are needed to confirm these findings.

    Clinical significance

    Oral statins are a potential disease-modifying agent in patients with TED. They may represent a relatively safe and inexpensive treatment for minimizing orbital complications in TED.