• Comprehensive Ophthalmology

    This interventional case series found that intralesional injection of pingyangmycin is effective for orbital vascular malformations, resulting in significant reduction in swelling and reduced vascularity of the malformation.

    Subjects were 13 patients with venous malformations, including hemangiomas, who received intralesional injections of pingyangmycin at one center. CT scans were used to measure lesion volumes.

    At an average follow-up of 13 months, all patients noted significant reductions in proptosis, swelling, pain and other symptoms without complications. Lesion volume reduction averaged 70 percent, similar to reductions of 75 percent reported for treatment of similar lesions in the head and neck.

    Histopathological examination of a cavernous hemangioma in a patient who underwent a second injection through a surgical incision showed a mild chronic inflammatory response, increased numbers of myofibroblasts, and loss of vascularity and fibrosis, all consistent with the known effects of bleomycin treatment.