• Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma

    In this prospective study 54 patients newly diagnosed with normal-tension glaucoma were randomized to receive once daily topical travoprost 0.004%, and 34 to the control group.

    The average, maximum and minimum diurnal IOPs for treated patients were statistically significantly lower than for controls. When compared with baseline IOP, the treatment group demonstrated a decrease of 16.1 percent, 13.5 percent and 16.7 percent in the average IOP, maximum IOP and minimum IOP, respectively. Of those treated, about one-third achieved decrease in average IOP of at least 20 percent; only about one-tenth achieved a reduction of at least 30 percent.

    The authors conclude that while travoprost monotherapy achieved a reasonable or good response in 32.9 percent of treated eyes, the majority of eyes appeared unable to produce the desirable 30 percent reduction in average IOP.