• Written By: Jack Singer, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    This retrospective, non-comparative case series included eight patients (13 eyes) with diminished pigment epithelium of the iris due to albinism. All eyes had anterior segment surgery with intraocular lens and prosthetic iris device implantation. Eleven eyes received an endocapsular-type iris reconstruction implant (Morcher aniridia interdigitating rings), and two eyes (one patient) received a combined iris–IOL device (Ophtec model 311).
    Best corrected visual acuity improved in eight of 13 eyes and remained stable in three eyes and decreased in two eyes. Glare and photophobia improved subjectively six of eight patients, remained unchanged in one patient, and increased in one patient after implantation of an artificial iris diaphragm. There were no intraoperative or postoperative complications.
    A compassionate use exemption is required to implant Morcher aniridia interdigitating rings, and the combined iris–IOL device (Ophtec model 311) is currently in clinical trial. Still, he believes these devices will prove to be very useful for patients with albinism and iris defects.