• Glaucoma

    The authors of this study used ultrasound biomicroscopy to examine anterior chamber changes in two glaucoma rat models and found that the models had different effects on anterior chamber structures, likely relied on different mechanisms of IOP elevation, and could not be used interchangeably.

    The study involved conducting unilateral episcleral vein cauterization (EVC) on 10 female Wistar rats and unilateral hypertonic saline episcleral vein sclerosis (HSEVS) on 12 male Brown-Norway rats. Contralateral untreated eyes served as controls. IOP was measured over five to six weeks and ultrasound biomicroscopy conducted after that time with the rats under anesthesia.

    IOP increases were greater in the rats that underwent EVC compared with those that underwent HSEVS. The HSEVS eyes displayed deepening of the anterior chamber and reduction in the size of the ciliary body, but EVC eyes did not demonstrate these changes. The authors concluded that these changes correlated with IOP exposure and may be the result of changes induced by the experimental intervention.