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    ICL Exchange for High Vault with Angle Closure

    By Meriem Ouederni, MD, Haykel Kamoun, MD
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    Drs. Meriem Ouederni and Haykel Kamoun present a case of early postoperative high vault following phakic ICL implantation for high myopia complicated with angle closure in a 36-year-old woman. An ICL exchange with a shorter diameter lens was conducted under general anesthesia after mannitol administration. The anterior chamber was filled with cohesive viscoelastic and the ICL was explanted through a 2.2-mm corneal incision using an ICL forceps. The new, shorter-diameter ICL was implanted through a temporal incision. The viscoelastic was then removed. At day one postsurgery, the lens vault had decreased and the angle was open.

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: None