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    Why So SEROUS? Surgical Management of Uveal Effusion Syndrome

    By Natasha Ferreira Santos Da Cruz, MD, Murilo Ubukata Polizelli, MD, Alex Treiger Grupenmacher, MD, Rodrigo A. Brant, MD
    YO Video Competition

    Nanophthalmic uveal effusion syndrome is an extremely rare disease that tends to follow a relapsing–remitting course and can be very challenging to treat. Dr. Natasha Ferreira Santos Da Cruz and colleagues demonstrate using total thickness scleral flaps and sclerotomy in the 4 quadrants as a surgical approach to support transscleral drainage. Biopsy and pathologic evaluation revealed fibroblastic proliferation and hyaline degeneration of lamellar sclera. After 3 months postoperatively, the patient experienced significant improvement in choroidal effusions, with increases in visual acuity.

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