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  • By Adam Gess, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    A new study shows that the new low-add versions of the 1-piece Tecnis multifocal IOL yield greater patient satisfaction and a higher rate of spectacle independence compared to the older +4.00 Tecnis multifocal lens.

    This prospective, comparative, interventional series enrolled 65 patients, evenly divided between +2.75, +3.25, and +4.00 Tecnis multifocal IOLs. 

    Uncorrected distance acuities were equally good in all groups. Uncorrected near acuity was best at 33cm in the +4.00 group, and best at 50cm in the +2.75 group. Internal aberration and contrast sensitivity were studied, with no significant differences between lens groups. 

    Patient satisfaction was significantly higher in the +2.75 and +3.25 D IOLs compared with the +4.00 lenses (P=0.001).

    Spectacle independence was 87%, 85%, and 78% in the +2.75, +3.25, and +4.00 groups, respectively. The +4.00 group reported a higher incidence of glare and halos, but this did not reach statistical significance in this fairly small study. 

    This study provides statistical support for using the new lower-add Tecnis multifocal lenses to achieve higher rates of patient satisfaction and spectacle independence. The +2.75 add lens excels at 50cm. Patients who prefer to read at a very near point of 33cm may need readers for some activities with these new lenses.