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  • By Keng Jin Lee
    Ocutrx Vision Technologies
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Retina/Vitreous

    Ocutrx Vision Technologies has patented the technology behind their augmented reality (AR) glasses for low-vision patients. The device, Oculenz, is among the first wearable cameras capable of manipulating visual perception to restore functional sight to patients with AMD or other irreversible central eye defects.

    “The Oculenz is the first ground-breaking technology to offer a solution for advanced central visual defects in patients with retinal disease,” said Thomas Finley, MD, a vitreoretinal surgeon and member of Ocutrx’s advisory board. “This innovative AR device brings a new hope to regain functional vision previously considered impossible. The impact on the individual's quality of life and retained or regained ability to productively function at home and in the workplace will be immeasurable.”

    According to retinal specialist Lars Freisberg, MD, the technology mimics the brain's ability to overcome the natural blind spot in our vision. “You never really see this hole,” explains Dr. Freisberg, “because the brain fills it in with other gathered visual information.”  

    The wearable glasses are initially set up in the clinic, where the technology maps out the wearer’s retinal defects. Then, a camera projects a video showing real-world video images. Instead of delivering images to the defective area, however, the video is displayed to the functional areas of the macula or areas adjacent to the peripheral retina. The projection can be adjusted during the course of disease progression using controls on the headset.

    Aside from the medical industry, the company plans to market their platform to other sectors including gaming, commercial, industrial, HAZMAT, e-commerce, aerospace, drones and defense.