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  • Submitted by Syeda Sana Fatima, Jr, MS.
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    Cornea/External Disease

    This image reveals groundbreaking insights into chronic Stevens-Johnson syndrome, offering a comprehensive examination of its ocular manifestations, and multidisciplinary care for optimal patient care. We report a case of 19-year-old woman who presented with watering and redness her left eye that endured for 1 month. She has a history of adverse reactions to paracetamol. Vision in the right eye was 6/9 and counting fingers in the left eye at 1 m. She underwent a buccal mucosal graft and resection of posterior lid margin with an amniotic membrane graft. Examination of the eyelid revealed a scarred posterior lid margin, distichiasis involving upper and lower lid margin, and irregularity of the mucocutaneous junction. Punctal occlusion, forniceal shortening, symblepharon at the lateral canthus, left eye corneal conjunctivalization of the inferior quadrant at 4-7 clock hours, corneal neovascularization extending to the pupil margin in the central cornea, epithelial defect involving more than half of the corneal surface, corneal pacification (iris details are poorly seen with the pupil margin visible), thinning of inferior cornea, and LSD involving 6 clock hours.