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  • Courtesy of Muhammad Arif Ozir, MD.
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    Glaucoma, Uveitis

    A 60-year-old woman presented to the ophthalmology clinic with chronic eye redness and pain in the right eye on and off for 3 months. During presentation, the right eye vision was 20/200 and the left eye vision was 20/40. Anterior segment ophthalmic examination of the right eye shows seclusio pupillae, which occurs when posterior synechiae extends 360 degrees around the pupillary border. There is also cells in the anterior chamber and keratic precipitates on the cornea endothelium. In addition, the lens is cataractous. The diagnosis of anterior uveitis was made. Anterior uveitis involves inflammation of the iris and ciliary body. The intraocular pressure of the right eye is 32 mmHg and elevated due to secondary glaucoma causes by the seclusio pupillae. The patient is treated on steroid eyedrops, anti-glaucoma medication and subconjuctival mydricaine to break the posterior synaechiae. She is also planned for cataract surgery once inflammation settles.