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  • Courtesy of Muhammad Arif Ozir, MD.
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    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    A 67-year-old man with bilateral eye pseudophakia and bilateral primary open-angle glaucoma presented to the ophthalmology clinic for routine follow-up. He underwent phacoemulsification surgery 6 years before. His vision acuity is 6/6 OU and intraocular pressure is normal, 16 mmHg. Anterior segment examination of the right eye noted iris atrophy and posterior capsule opacity, a type of Sommering's ring with clear visual axis. A diagnosis of Soemmering's ring was made. Soemmering's ring is a deposit of retained equatorial lens epithelial cells which continue to proliferate and form new cortical fibers and eventually form a ring of cortical fibers between the posterior capsule and the edges of the anterior capsule remnant. If the Soemmering's ring is advanced and obstructs visual axis, ND:YAG capsulotomy can be performed. In this patient, he is happy with his current vision and had no complaints. He was discharged with anti-glaucoma drops for his glaucoma and continues regular follow-up.