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    AAO 2020 Virtual
    Oculoplastics/Orbit, Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus, Strabismus , Thyroid Eye Disease

    In this session from AAO 2020 Virtual, Drs. Andrea Kossler and Sara Wester share their experience in using teprotumumab for thyroid eye disease (TED). Patients with TED can show varied response to the drug, which highlights the heterogeneity of the disease. In addition, Dr. Kossler finds that teprotumumab can lead to improvement in diplopia. Side effects to watch out for include gastrointestinal symptoms, muscle cramps and hearing loss; the drug should be avoided for people with uncontrolled diabetes or in pregnant women. 

    To learn more, watch the AAO 2020 Virtual session led by Dr. Kossler, Dr. Wester and colleagues, “Ask the Experts Live: New Frontiers in Thyroid Eye Disease Management" (ASK04V). 

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: Drs. Kossler and Wester are consultants for Horizon Therapeutics.