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    Oculoplastics Subspecialty Day AAO 2022 Highlights

    AAO 2022

    In this interview about Oculoplastics Subspecialty Day at AAO 2022, program co-chair Dr. Tom Johnson describes some of the topics covered:

    • aesthetics, including lower eyelid rejuvenation using lasers, fillers, and surgery
    • blepharoplasty and how to take care of the unhappy patient
    • ptosis, and the different methods of performing this surgery using external and internal approaches; pediatric ptosis; and a new technique, frontalis muscle advancement
    • thyroid eye disease, including planning treatment (with all the new advancements); timing of the intervention; and the use of new biologics, surgical techniques, and radiation therapy
    Dr. Johnson sees similarities between his ice-climbing and his work as an oculoplastics surgeon: Expect the unexpected, plan your best technique, and be prepared to change course and improvise depending on the variables found.