• By Kanaga Rajan
    Presbyopia Therapies
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    A mid-stage study of a miotic topical solution shows that it safely improves near vision in people with presbyopia, according to a press release by Presbyopia Therapies, LLC.  

    The PRX ophthalmic solution induces strong miosis to create a temporary pinhole effect that improves depth of field without compromising distance vision. The solution is made from a proprietary vehicle and unique miotic combinations and does not contain pilocarpine. Unlike other investigational therapies, PRX’s effects are reversible and it is not intended as a replacement for reading glasses.

    In the randomized, double-masked, phase 2b trial, researchers compared 2 unique miotic-based test candidates of PRX with a placebo control. The cohort included 58 patients between 48 and 63 years old.

    One hour after instillation, 47.2% of patients showed at least 3 lines of improvement in near vision (P<0.001) and 91.7% improved by at least 2 lines. The effects lasted up to 7 hours in half of the study eyes and there was no significant loss in monocular best-corrected distance visual acuity. Overall, the solution was well tolerated and did not cause adverse events.  

    “PRX has the potential to address a massive unmet need by restoring near vision," said Gerald Horn, MD, chief scientific officer of Presbyopia Therapies. "PRX demonstrated a statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in near visual function within 30 minutes. These data warrant rapid future clinical advancement."