• Optovue press release

    Optovue announced that the FDA approved its new OCT angiography system, the first to allow quick, noninvasive measurement of retinal blood flow density.

    The AngioVue system was approved for sale outside the United States earlier this month

    In less than 3 seconds, the AngioVue System acquires a single image that complements fluorescein angiography (FA), with a number of advantages. Unlike FA, the AngioVue System does not require the use of dye injections, which can often obscure the target anatomy and can lead to side effects and other complications associated with dye-based, invasive procedures.

    “We are thrilled to announce FDA clearance of our AngioVue System, which will bring significant benefits of our innovative, non-invasive retinal imaging to patients in the US suffering from retinal diseases that lead to progressive blindness,” said Jay Wei, founder and CEO at Optovue. “Since we first introduced this technology to markets outside the U.S. 14 months ago, the technology is in daily clinical use at over 525 clinical sites where it provides a more patient-friendly approach to diseases of the retina that lead to progressive blindness.”