• Quantel Medical press release
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Glaucoma

    The Optimis Fusion integrated laser platform made by Quantel Medical has received CE Mark approval for marketing in European Union countries.

    The Fusion system combines advanced selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) photoregeneration therapy and traditional YAG photodisruption treatments for treating both cataract and glaucoma.

    Quantel says it will immediately begin selling the laser platform in all CE Mark-approved countries. U.S. FDA approval is expected in 2014.

    “We are proud to introduce an engineering breakthrough, which enables infrared and visible green nanosecond pulses to be produced by a single dual-mode cavity, reducing complexity and resulting in a more elegant and up-to-date combo laser design,” said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical.

    The Fusion system integrates with Quantel’s Vitra Monospot and Multispot pattern-scanning retina laser systems, offering comprehensive treatment options for multi-specialty practices to treat glaucoma, cataract and retina conditions in one laser platform.