• Alcon has launched LenSx SoftFit Patient Interface for the LenSx laser platform to minimize corneal distortion and promote easier docking.

    The company says the new interface uses a proprietary soft contact lens technology designed to enable the natural curvature of the cornea to conform to a soft contact lens insert, allowing a secure and gentle fit to a patient's eye while minimizing corneal distortion.

    Alcon says the LenSx SoftFit Patient Interface delivers:

    • Free floating capsulotomy in nearly all cases
    • Pristine capsulotomy edges
    • Easier docking
    • Enhanced patient comfort
    • Lower IOP rise of 16mmHg
    • Improved surgical performance with a 66 percent reduction in energy to the eye
    • Procedure time reduced by 34 percent

    The company says the LenSx SoftFit Patient Interface is expected to become available in most markets by the end of 2012.