• By Kanaga Rajan
    Verana Health
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Comprehensive Ophthalmology

    The Academy is teaming up with Verana Health to launch Verana Practice Insights, a service that enables physicians to improve patient care with data-driven insights.

    Using data from the IRIS® Registry, the new tool will provide a de-identified aggregate view of cataract surgery practice trends—including patient diagnoses and interventions—in the United States and encourages physicians to benchmark their own data relative to a cohort of peers. Academy members based in the United States and who participate in the IRIS Registry via an integrated electronic health record system are eligible for this free, early version.

    Ophthalmologists can preregister now to access Practice Insights, which will initially provide trends related only to cataract surgery. All physicians who are interested in participating—even those who do not perform cataract surgery—are encouraged to preregister; the service will expand to other indications in early 2020. Access to the Practice Insights dashboard will open in October.