• Heidelberg Engineering

    The OCT device is on its way to the International Space Station (ISS) to examine astronauts eyes, as recent studies have shown space travel can cause long-lasting ocular changes.

    Launched on a rocket on June 5, the Spectralis device is expected to arrive at the ISS on June 15.

    "We were happy to see the Spectralis units fully functional after rocket launch simulation a few months ago. An environment we did not envision when the product was designed", said Dr. Gerhard Zinser, MD, managing director of Heidelberg Engineering. "We now look forward to the transmission of the first Spectralis images from the ISS to Earth."

    NASA tested the Spectralis in zero-gravity during parabolic flights last year, and baseline examinations of ISS crewmembers were taken before leaving Houston. Astronauts' eyes will again be examined during and after space flight, as researchers investigate the cause of the edema and visual acuity reduction associated with space flight.