• Staar Surgical Co.

    Staar Surgical Co. announced that it has received regulatory approvals to market its Visian Implantable Collamer Lens with CentraFLOW technology in Korea and Argentina.

    The company's CentraFLOW technology is designed to optimize the flow of fluid in the eye. This proprietary technology eliminates the need for the surgeon to perform a YAG peripheral iridotomy procedure days before the ICL implantation.

    The company says this results in more comfort for the patient and a more convenient, efficient experience for both the patient and surgeon. Nearly 20,000 implantations with Visian CentraFLOW technology have been performed in Europe.

    These approvals expand the market opportunity for the Visian ICL, as the range of refractive errors it can treat has increased significantly. Now it can treat -0.5 to -18.0 D in myopic eyes and +0.5 cylinder power to +6.0 with the toric ICL models.

    "The refractive procedure market in Korea is both significant and fast growing, so this represents a very important milestone for us," said Don Todd, president of the Asia Pacific Region for Staar Surgical.

    "This is strategically an important approval for our company as Latin America is historically an early adopter of elective procedures, so this provides a critical gateway in our ability to expand in this market," said Hans Blickensdoerfer, Staar Surgical's president EMEA, Latin America.