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    TI-weighted, Midglobe. The belly of SO is sectioned posterior to the trochlea. SR and LP can be distinguished as separate structures, with LP superior to SR. The aponeurossis of the left LP extends medially from the midline structure of LP. The origin of the right 10 arises from the medial aspect of the inferior orbital nm. ES = Ethmoid Sinus, FB = Frontal Bone, G = Globe, IO = Inferior Oblique Muscle, IoC = Infraorbital Canal, LG = Lacrimal Gland, LP = Levator Palpebrae Superioris, MR = Medial Rectus Muscle, MS = Maxillary Sinus, SO = Superior Oblique Muscle, SoN = Supraorbital Notch, SR = Superior Rectus Muscle.