• Parts A and B courtesy of Anthony J. Lubniewski, MD; parts C and D courtesy of Tatyana Milman, MD; part E courtesy of Robert H. Rosa, Jr, MD.
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    Ocular Pathology/Oncology

    Herpes simplex virus keratitis. Clinical photographs depicting dendritic (A) and stromal (disciform) (B) keratitis. Note the central stromal haze and thickening in B. C, Histology of corneal button shows stromal keratitis with loss of Bowman layer (asterisk), stromal scarring and vascularization (arrowhead), and scattered chronic inflammatory cells (arrows). D, Higher-magnification photomicrograph shows granulomatous reaction (between arrows) in the region of Descemet membrane (arrowhead). Note the fibrous retrocorneal membrane (asterisk), scattered chronic inflammatory cells, and blood vessel (open arrow). E, Postherpetic neurotrophic keratopathy. Photomicrograph shows featureless corneal stroma (asterisks) with only rare keratocytes (arrow).