• IRIS Registry Data Analysis

  • The Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric  Ophthalmology Fund 

    The Knights Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF) Inc. Pediatric Ophthalmology Fund was established with a very generous gift from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation to create a primary resource dedicated to data and insights related to pediatric ophthalmology disease.

    This fund will support Academy members in private practice who want to use the Academy IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) database to investigate both rare and common eye diseases affecting children and to uncover optimal, real-world approaches to prevention and treatment. 

    How it Works

    • Knights Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF) Pediatric Ophthalmology Fund will support four studies.
    • Each study is worth $35,000 of which $5,000 goes to the investigating member and $30,000 goes to the Academy for expenses related to data access and analysis.

    • Awardees will also be supported for travel to the Academy office in San Francisco. During this visit, awardees will learn about the IRIS Registry database, receive an introduction to big data analytics and work closely with Academy staff on the analysis.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for the study, you must be:

    • A member of the Academy
    • In private practice
    • A participant in the IRIS Registry or working towards participation

    Application Process 

    Application Overview

    • What is the question or hypothesis you would like to investigate?
    • How do you think big data will help answer your question?
    • What is the clinical significance of your idea?
    • Why are you interested in big data?
    • Do you have experience with big data and/or research?
    • Do you have a specific timeline for analysis?
    • What is your availability for participating in analysis?
    • How does your idea support the Academy’s mission to protect sight and empower lives?
    • Do you know which IRIS Registry data elements you would like to use? (A list of options is available.)
    • Upload your CV or NIH-style bio sketch

    How to Apply

    • The application period is closed.

    Evaluation Criteria

    • Significance: Does the proposal address an important problem or critical barrier to progress in the field?
    • Candidate: Does the member have high interest and adequate time to devote to the project?
    • Innovation: Is this a unique question for the IRIS Registry?
    • Approach: Is the proposal well thought out? Is the project feasible?


    • The IRIS Registry Analytics Committee will review applications and notify the selected award recipients during summer of 2019.

    For questions or more information about this study, please contact us at irisregistry@aao.org or call 415-561-8592.