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    Zonular Dialysis, Iridodialysis, and Vitreous Prolapse: Cionni CTR

    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Triamcinolone suspension is used to stain the vitreous that has prolapsed through a traumatic zonular dialysis and a dilated pupil. Because of the sizable degree of prolapsed vitreous, a pars plana anterior vitrectomy is performed prior to the capsulorhexis. Two Prolene Mackool capsular retractors are used to prevent posterior tilting of the partially dehisced capsular bag during phaco. Due to the severity of the zonular dialysis and the tendency of the lens to tilt posteriorly in this region, a Cionni CTR is implanted and sutured to the sclera to provide long-term capsular-bag support. The pupil cerclage technique is used to repair the traumatic mydriasis.