• Let's Eat Some Vitamins!


    Description: Students will eat vegetables to associate eating with healthy habits

    Purpose: To demonstrate that healthy foods are easy to recognize and taste good

    Length of Activity: 15 minutes


    • 3 small seedless oranges, peeled and separated (may substitute a drained can of mandarin oranges)

    • 1/3 cup chopped pecans

    • 1 lb spinach

    • 1 small red onion sliced (optional)

    • 1 tbls orange juice

    • 1 tsp prepared mustard

    • 1 tsp vinegar

    • pinch of sugar

    • pinch of salt

    • 2 tbls olive oil

    • 1 large bowl

    • 1 smaller bowl or liquid measuring cup

    • 1 whisk

    • Small plates or cups, one for each student

    • Forks, one for each student

    The best way to get your vitamins is to cook your vegetables as little as possible or, in this case, eat them raw. A salad like this one is packed with nutrients and it’s easy to make.


    Spinach Salad with Oranges (serves 4)


    1. Place in large bowl oranges, pecans, spinach and red onion (if using)

    2. Place in a separate, smaller bowl or liquid measuring cup the orange juice, mustard, vinegar, sugar and salt.

    3. Use whisk to stir ingredients in the small bowl or liquid measure until sugar and salt have dissolved

    4. Slowly add olive oil to the small bowl or liquid measure while stirring to create an emulsion.

    5. Pour salad dressing from the small bowl or liquid measure into the larger bowl.

    6. Mix ingredients lightly to coat all ingredients with the dressing.

    7. Serve.