• Coding Top 10: Precollection of Payment, Billing OMNI and Goniotomy in Same Session, ICD-10 Code for Infectious Retinitis

    Coding Top 10, July 2020

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    1. CPT Code for Lensectomy and IOL Insertion
      What is the correct coding for a lensectomy with insertion of intraocular lens?

    2. Precollection of Payment 
      Are practices allowed to request collection of co-payment prior to an appointment?

    3. Billing OMNI and Goniotomy in Same Session 
      Are we able to bill both CPT codes 66174 and 65820 when performed in the same session?

    4. Billing Irrigation for Chemical Injury 
      Our physician irrigated a patient’s eyes using the Morgan lens device after a chemical injury. Is this separately billable?

    5. Prior Authorization for Medicare 
      I recently heard Medicare requires a prior authorization on blepharoplasties. In the past we’ve been unable to prior authorize services with Medicare. Is this new?

    6. 99211 and Testing Services Same Day 
      When the established patient returns for a visual field test in both eyes (OU ), the physician’s documented order indicates the technician should also perform tonometry. Can we bill both CPT code 99211 and 92083 if performed by the technician?

    7. Billing Multiple Layer AMT 
      Our physicians placed multiple layers of membrane with glue only, no sutures are involved. Is this considered CPT code 65780 Ocular surface reconstruction; amniotic membrane transplantation, multiple layers?

    8. Billing Two YAG Lasers Same Session
      Can you bill both a YAG iridotomy and a YAG capsulotomy on the same eye, when performed in the same session?

    9. ICD-10 Code for Infectious Retinitis
      We have a patient with infectious retinitis, not cytomegalovirus  (CMV). Is there a specific ICD-10 code to be used?

    10. Referring Physician Billing for Biometry
      Can a referring physician order, perform and bill for the IOL master for a patient being sent for a cataract evaluation?