• Nov 04, 2017

    Poland | Cataract-Anterior Segment | Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University of Warsaw. Head. Prof. Jacek P. Szaflik

    Institution/Practice Information

    Name: Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University of Warsaw. Head. Prof. Jacek P. Szaflik
    Type: University Based
    Website: www.spkso.waw.pl
    City. State / Province: Warsaw,
    Country: Poland

    Contact Person Information

    Name: Justyna Jurak
    Email: klinika@spkso.waw.pl
    Phone: +48225116377

    Training Opportunity Information

    Training Opportunity: Clinical Observational Attachment
    Subspecialty: Cataract/Anterior Segment
    Focus: Clinical
    Description: Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland Head. Prof. Jacek P. Szaflik We offer observational clinical attachments for foreign ophthalmologists-in-training and certified ophthalmologists. The length of the stay is 1-4 weeks. The clinical areas include cornea and eye surface diseases including lamellar keratoplasty and high-risk keratoplasty, cataract surgery and FLACS, glaucoma clinics and surgery including MIGS, uveitis and vitreoretinal diseases. The attendance is free of charge, but the participants are responsible for their accommodation and expenses. Valid medical license from the attendee’s country of residence is required, as well as the statement from their residency program director or ophthalmologists certification. The participants can attend clinics, ward and observe surgeries in the area of their interest.
    Preceptor: Jacek P. Szaflik
    Duration: Less than 1 month
    Start Month:
    Application Deadline: No Deadline
    Financial Support Offered: Possible
    Accepts Applicants:
    Language(s) Required: English
    Sponsor / Organization: Polish Ophthalmological Society
    Website for More Information:
    Additional Requirements: