• Feb 19, 2017

    United States | Cataract-Anterior Segment | Lifelong Vision Foundation/Pepose Vision Institute

    Institution/Practice Information

    Name: Lifelong Vision Foundation/Pepose Vision Institute
    Type: University Based
    Website: http://lifelongvisionfoundation.org/
    City. State / Province: SAINT LOUIS, Missouri
    Country: United States

    Contact Person Information

    Name: Mujtaba Qazi
    Email: mqazi@peposevision.com
    Phone: 314-323-3871

    Training Opportunity Information

    Training Opportunity: Clinical Research Fellowship
    Subspecialty: Cataract/Anterior Segment
    Focus: Research
    Description: A One-year Research Fellowship is available for academic year 2017-2018, which involves study patient examination, data collection with statistical analysis, and manuscript writing. The research fellowship position is available for candidates awaiting U.S.-based Ophthalmology residency training. A stipend will be provided. Current multi-center studies are focused on Dry Eyes, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Glaucoma, and AMD.
    Preceptor: Mujtaba Qazi
    Duration: 10 to 12 months
    Start Month: 0
    Application Deadline: No Deadline
    Financial Support Offered: 0
    Accepts Applicants:
    Language(s) Required: English
    Sponsor / Organization: Lifelong Vision Foundation/Pepose Vision Institute
    Website for More Information: www.peposevision.com
    Additional Requirements: Prefer permanent resident or US citizen