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  • 2023 ONE Network YO Video Competition Winners


    Dr. Hussam Alrazqan, of Saudi Arabia has won first place in the 2023 ONE® Network YO Surgical Video Competition for a video on successfully peeling a corneal subepithelial hypertrophic scar and applying an Omnilenz — a specialized bandage contact lens designed to provide fast, sutureless and glueless application of OmniGen, a human amniotic membrane–derived material, to the ocular surface.

    Find out about other award winners and see their amazing videos.

    First Place
    "Peeling of Corneal Sub Epithelial Hypertrophy and Use of Omnilenz," Hussam Alrazqan, MBBS, Saudi Arabia

    Second Place
    "Rescue of a Dislocated MA60AC with 27G Vitrectomy," Jonathan Edward Noonan, MBBS, PhD, Australia

    Third Place
    "Management of Complete Native Lens Dislocation into the Anterior Chamber Due to Marfan Syndrome," Rami Shasha, MD, Canada

    Best Resident Video
    "DSAEK In ICE Syndrome," Jennifer Tran, MD, Cambridge, Massachusetts