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    In this clinical video, Dr. Roger Goldberg describes a case of delayed endophthalmitis after remote cannula-based scleral fixation of a 3-piece IOL. The patient originally presented with count-fingers vision and a dislocated 3-piece IOL. After removing a large soemmering ring, Dr. Goldberg performed cannula-based scleral fixation, first described by Ashkan Abbey, MD, et al. Despite initial improvement, the patient retuned 8 months later with anterior and vitreous cell and the inferior haptic had eroded though the conjunctiva. This time, Dr. Goldberg performed a tap and inject and, 1 week later, removed the IOL and administered additional intravitreal antibiotics. Three months later, an anterior chamber IOL was placed through the superior scleral tunnel. Her vision thereafter recovered to 20/30.

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