Editors' Choice
    Blepharoptosis, Oculoplastics/Orbit

    In this clinical video, Dr. Mostafa Diab demonstrates the insertion of a CV2 GoreTex frontalis sling in a single-triangle configuration to correct congenital ptosis. He performs a standard upper eyelid crease incision and small blepharoplasty and secures a sling to the anterior tarsal border, centered on a point 1 to 2 mm lateral to the mid-tarsal point. The 2 ends of the sling are passed through the upper eyelid crease incision posterior to the orbital septum using a large curve reverse cutting needle exiting a single brow incision. The sling is tightened until satisfactory height and contour of the eyelid are achieved, and then the eyelid crease incision is closed, incorporating the levator aponeurosis. 

    Acknowledgment: The author thanks Dr. Ahmed Amin at Fayoum University.

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: None