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    Office Space: Office-based Oculoplastic Procedures that Make a Difference

    2022 Clinical Webinars
    Blepharoplasty, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Facelift, Facial Injectables, Oculoplastics/Orbit

    In this webinar, Drs. Barmettler, Holds, Nakra, Schiedler, Schwarcz, Yen, and Zhang-Nunes present office-based procedures that can be done as add-on services. Topics include:

    • IPL for dry eyes and blepharitis
    • Periocular and facial lasers
    • Office-based skincare for the eyelids and face
    • Facial fillers and management of complications
    • Chemical peels for rejuvenating the eyelids and face
    • Office-based blepharoplasty
    • Periocular neurotoxins