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    Retinal Urgencies and Emergencies for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

    AAO 2022
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Diagnostic & Imaging , Endophthalmitis, Retina/Vitreous, Uveitis

    In this course from AAO 2022, a panel of retinal specialists engages in a case-based discussion of management strategies and treatment algorithms for common retinal urgencies and emergencies. The panel discusses pearls in the diagnosis and management of ocular trauma and when to consider referral. The group also covers endophthalmitis (including how to differentiate it from uveitis), artery occlusions, and submacular hemorrhage, among other topics. The course is geared toward the comprehensive ophthalmologist, and participants should leave it with up-to-date tools for managing retinal emergencies and a clear grasp of current evidence-based approaches to these conditions.